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  1. Oleoyl alanine (HU595): a stable monomethylated oleoyl glycine interferes with acute naloxone precipitated morphine withdrawal in male rats
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Samantha M Ayoub
  2. Prevalence and factors associated with smoking among Tunisian secondary school-adolescents
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Houda Ben Ayed
  3. Smoking history: relationships with inflammatory markers, metabolic markers, body composition, muscle strength, and cardiopulmonary capacity in current smokers
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Tamara Dos Santos Gouveia
  4. Consequences of the vaping epidemic on adolescents
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Michelle Patterson
  5. Smoking Assessment and Current Smoking Status Among Adolescents in Primary Care Settings
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Steffani R Bailey
  6. Consequences of the vaping epidemic on adolescents
    Published on 2020-06-20
  7. Effects of nicotine, nornicotine and cotinine, alone or in combination, on locomotor activity and ultrasonic vocalization emission in adult rats
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Yufei Wang
  8. A preliminary validation of the adolescent e-cigarette consequences questionnaire
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Julie V Cristello
  9. Identification of novel epigenetic abnormalities as sputum biomarkers for lung cancer risk among smokers and COPD patients
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Mathewos Tessema
  10. Dual-Center Cross-Sectional Analysis of Periodontal Stability Around Anterior All-Ceramic Crowns with a Feather-Edge or Chamfer Subgingival Preparation
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Gianluca Paniz
  11. Full-Thickness Skin Grafts and Quilting Sutures for the Reconstruction of Internal Nasal Lining
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Pd Dr Med Antoniu-Oreste Gostian
  12. Acute and Chronic Sympathomimetic Effects of E-Cigarette and Tobacco Cigarette Smoking: Role of Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Constituents
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Sara Arastoo
  13. Use of e-cigarettes associated with lower sperm counts in a cross-sectional study of young men from the general population
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Stine Agergaard Holmboe
  14. Assessment of Incorporation of Lessons From Tobacco Control in City and County Laws Regulating Legal Marijuana in California
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Lynn D Silver
  15. Prospective multicenter assessment of complication rates associated with adult cervical deformity surgery in 133 patients with minimum 1-year follow-up
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Justin S Smith
  16. Predictive power of dependence measures for quitting smoking. Findings from the 2016-2018 ITC Four Country Smoking and Vaping Surveys
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Michael Le Grande
  17. E-cigarettes damage the liver and alter nutrient metabolism in pregnant mice and their offspring
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Gerard Li
  18. ALK-Rearranged Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in 2020: Real-World Triumphs in an Era of Multigeneration ALK-Inhibitor Sequencing Informed by Drug Resistance Profiling
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Malinda Itchins
  19. Improvement of the 10-Year Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) Risk Following Bariatric Surgery
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Guillermo Ponce de León-Ballesteros
  20. Short-term nicotine deprivation alters dorsal anterior cingulate glutamate concentration and concomitant cingulate-cortical functional connectivity
    Published on 2020-06-20 By Osama A Abulseoud

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